Zircon 3 Group

Zircon 3 Group has the following specifications Designed for the high volume users the Zircon 3 is the perfect choice for stunning looks and practicability. Perfect alternative to the Dual Fuel machine. The Zircon 3 has 3 group heads, 2 steamers and 1 hot water outlet along with a generous cup warming surface. It is a powerful and practical machine with the option of a restaurant or ‘take-away’ height drip tray. Constructed in polished stainless steel for stunning looks. PLEASE NOTE THIS MACHINE NEEDS TO HAVE PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE! ALSO NOTE POWER SUPPLY!

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  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Automatic volume and manual override buttons
  • Two drip tray options – restaurant and ‘take-away’
  • PID sensor so that the water always keeps an exact brewing temperature

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