Sage BES920UK the Dual Boiler Espresso Machine – Silver

Sage BES920UK the Dual Boiler Espresso Machine – Silver has the following specifications

Dual-Boiler System

With two boilers, one for extracting coffee and the other for texturing milk, the Dual Boiler can simultaneously extract espresso and texture milk at the optimum temperature for both – 93°C, ensuring you get a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Over-Pressure Valve

At the start of each extraction, the water pressure starts off low to gently expand the grounds and gradually increases for a more even process. Also, just like on most commercial machines, The Dual Boiler has an Over Pressure Valve which limits the maximum pressure throughout extraction, preventing your shot from being tainted with bitter flavours.

Easy To Use

A clear LCD display lets you know exactly what’s going on, and if you want to make long black coffees or heat cups, there is an instant hot water tap on the left side of the machine. The large, backlit buttons on the front of the machine mean it is easy to use, just press the button and the Dual Boiler will do the rest. Also included is a stainless steel milk frothing jug and a cleaning kit.


  • Dual boiler system
  • PID temperature control
  • Gradually increases pressure for even extraction
  • Over pressure valve
  • Powerful steam wand
  • Clear LCD display
  • White glove service available

White Glove Service

Once your coffee machine has arrived Sage offers a White Glove Service* to help you learn how to use the machine to its full potential. One of Sage’s coffee experts will visit your home to show you how to get the best out of your Dual Boiler right from the very first cup.

*White Glove installation only available in mainland England, Scotland and Wales.

37 x 40 x 37cm H. Watts 2200 Capacity 2.5 L

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  • Features dedicated stainless steel boilers for steam and espresso, allowing simultaneous milk texturing and extraction consistently at 93 degrees Celsius
  • The brew temperature, pre-infusion pressure and duration are all programmable to set to your taste at the press of a button
  • An over pressure valve prevents bitter flavours in the shot and a low pressure pre-infusion allows for an even extraction and a smoother taste
  • Extraction is driven from a 15 bar Italian made pump
  • Comes with 480 ml stainless steel jug and cleaning tools

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