N7 White Elegant Round Top Bed Canopy (Mosquito Net)

N7 White Elegant Round Top Bed Canopy (Mosquito Net) has the following specifications This is such a beautiful designed mosquito net that can gives a room a big positive, elegant effect in an instant.

Net can be hung over a bed or used in any room for a decorative touch. Use it outdoors as a domestic way to protect from flying insects, or indoors putting on day bed in the second lounge!

It is made from 100% Polyester so it can be washed without any problems. Hanging hardware is included.

This net will fit any size bed including Twins Bed, Single Bed and Children Bed. Also, it has centre opening with overlapping in two sides and it can keep all the terrible mossies and flying bugs out at night when closed ….OR.. just give you a wonderful new look to your bedroom, a little different look in your room.

Why not hang some beautiful sparkling lightweight jewelries onto the canopy rim frame to make it look more luxurious?

Circumference 1250cm
Height: 250cm
Top Diam: 60cm

—We have a thicker version of this beautiful canopy for whom who wish to have a holiday resort look in their bedroom. Please visit Blue Elite store for more styles.—

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  • Decorative to your bedroom – easily installed (hanging hook included)
  • Beautiful and practical – to keep your sleeping beauty from annoying flying insects!
  • Big net style to increase airflow – better air circulation
  • 100% soft polyester
  • Thicker Version also available at Blue Elite store

>>>>> BUY NOW <<<<<

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