Hyundai HYVI32 Pro Wet & Dry Electric Vacuum Cleaner

Hyundai HYVI32 Pro Wet & Dry Electric Vacuum Cleaner has the following specifications The HYVI32 is a powerful wet & dry industrial vacuum cleaner from Hyundai, powered by a 1200W by-pass air cooled Hyundai electric motor capable of the most demanding cleaning jobs. Weighing 9kg it’s upright design is easy to maneuver, the ergonomic handle, 2 rubber rollers and 2 rear wheels lets the vacuum cleaner glide smoothly across the floor for maximum mobility. The HYVI32 is built to make tough clean-up tasks faster and less demanding, the high quality suction hose & chrome extension tubes gives you everything you need to start cleaning straight out of the box. The 6m cable gives a very wide ranging working area and onboard extension tube storage ensure all cleaning accessories are easily accessible. The integrated float switch with liquid protection monitors the level of water within the cylinder until maximum capacity is reached when the vacuum will automatically shut off. The stainless steel upright cylinder ensures dust, dirt or dirty water is collected effectively for an all round pristine clean. Ideal for factory, office, workshop, warehouse, farm and construction sites the 30L capacity ensures large areas can be cleaned without being interrupted by emptying the container to often. The HYVI32 features a dedicated socket for power tools which can be powered directly from the vacuum cleaner when selecting the ‘auto’ button the vacuum cleaner operates when the power tool is used and stops when the power tool is turned off. The HYVI32 is ideal for a variety of cleaning jobs including carpet, wood, laminate, car valets, workshops and upholstery. The airflow can be adjusted with a slidable control mounted onto the suction hose. There is an anti-static strip to prevent static build up when vacuuming nylon carpets etc. The HYVI32 features a double filtration system which separates the captured dirt into fine and coarse elements for maximum efficiency and a thorough clean.

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  • 1200W Motor for powerful multi function wet, dry, suck and blow cleaning
  • Quick-release clips for easy emptying
  • On-board power socket, can connect power tools and extract dust as you work
  • Integrated power switch automatically triggers vacuum when you turn on your power tool
  • Free Mainland UK Delivery only – (Excluding Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Islands & Highlands & Northern Ireland). Kindly note, for those areas there would be an extra shipping charge. Please contact us if you need the item to be shipped to those places.

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