Dualit 47450 Classic 4 Slice Toaster – Copper

Dualit 47450 Classic 4 Slice Toaster – Copper has the following specifications

Designed to suit the demands of commercial kitchens, and loved by toast connoisseurs everywhere, the shape and glorious good looks of Dualit’s multi-patented 4-slot Classic Copper Toaster have remained largely unchanged since their earliest days – after all, why change a good thing? But they have brought it up to date with copper end panels that will complement many kitchens

Armour Plated ProHeat Elements

The super-efficient, armour-plated elements in this toaster are patented and virtually unbreakable. With more ‘winds per square cm’ they are capable of both toasting incredibly evenly but can also gently warm bread on the Defrost setting if required.

Energy Efficient Slot Selector

This 4-slice toaster offers energy efficient slot selection, meaning the different slots operate independently of one another, letting you just toast exactly what you need and not wasting excess energy.

Manual Timer

This toaster features a simple mechanical timer to help you attain the perfect shade of toast. There is also a manual ejector that lets you check on the progress without resetting the whole toasting programme.

Durable Build

Along with its virtually unbreakable armour-plated element, the rest of this toaster has also been built to last. Made from stainless steel with a copper finish, the toaster also has fully replaceable parts, so if something does go wrong you can just replace the part you need. The wide slots are also intended to accommodate the thickest slices of bread.

21 x 36 x 22cm H. Flex 90cm. 2.2kW.

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  • Chic, stylish, powerful and energy efficient! Ideal for a modern kitchen with style and substance!
  • Efficient – energy efficient slot selection so you can toast exactly what you need when you need it.
  • Choice – with extra-wide slots for doorstop slices, defrost and manual ejector.
  • Technology – with patented armour-plated ProHeat elements and patented thermal protection.
  • Buy this product from Lakeland & you can return it for up to 3 years. Proof of purchase is necessary

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