boppi® Wooden Baby Walker – Musical

boppi® Wooden Baby Walker – Musical has the following specifications The boppi Wooden Activity Walker

Designed to help your little one go from crawling to walking, as safely and as fun as possible. A wide wheel base gives stability as the child pushes the walker along and is fitted with non-slip rimmed wheels. Using a push-along walker helps to develop your child’s leg muscles and builds confidence.

A wide variety of colourful sensory activities will keep your child engaged when not using the walker as a push-along. Activities are designed to help them understand shapes, colour, numbers, letters, movement and noises. Both models have a shape sorter which encourages investigation into relationships between shapes. A storage tray is fitted on both walkers for storing shapes, musical accessories and any teddies which may be coming along for the ride.

Musical Activity Walker – consists of:





Number spinner

Shape sorter

Animal slider

8 Coloured shapes

2 Drumsticks

Alphabet Activity Walker – consists of:


Shape slider

Turning dials

Animal pop-up activity

Shape sorter

4 Coloured wooden shapes


The Wooden activity walkers can be used as soon as your little one is trying to find their feet. A natural progression from crawling and sofa surfing is the use of a push-along walker which allow your child to learn about balancing, walking, turning and exploring.

Made with ECO friendly birch plywood.


Musical activity walker

Height: 46cm
Width: 37cm
Depth: 31cm
Alphabet activity walker:

Height: 49cm
Width: 35cm
Depth: 32cm

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  • STURDY WIDEBASE WALKER – Made with ECO friendly birch plywood the boppi wooden walker has a wide base, a smooth push-along handle and non-slip rim wheels, making them sturdy and ideal for little ones just finding their feet in the world.
  • SUITABLE FOR AGES 1+ – Wooden walkers are suitable from whenever your child is becoming active on their feet and attempting to stand up. The walker offers support and stability whilst giving them the confidence to explore the world around them at their own pace.
  • INTERACTIVE SENSORY EXPERIENCES – Each design consists of a differing set of interactive activities designed to engage and stimulate your child’s mind. ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Movable characters, musical instruments, a shape sorter, drum & drumstick/s, glockenspiel, abacus, pop-up characters, dials, number spinner and coloured blocks. (see individual item photo for exact activities).
  • BUILT IN STORAGE TRAY – A handy storage tray allows for the accessories to be stored easily as well as being a handy seat for any teddies coming along for the ride.
  • BRIGHT & COLOURFUL DESIGN – Designed to excite and stimulate a child’s imagination with multi-coloured wheels, panels, accessories and sensory activities. Some self-assembly required (activity board comes pre-assembled) with instructions all supplied.

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