Bikestar RU-12-ST-01 Adventurous Bike, Blue

Bikestar RU-12-ST-01 Adventurous Bike, Blue has the following specifications Age recommendation: starting from approx. 3 years (93 cm body size)
Saddle height: approx. 35-42 cm | Handlebar height: approx. 55-62 cm | Weight: approx. 4.8 kg

The 30.5cm (12 Inch) kids balance bike in sporty design. With seasonal trend colors this BIKESTAR® product fulfill highest requirements at quality and security. Exclusive design and development which you refer directly from the manufacturer! Experience fastidious quality at a top price!

* Modern and stable steel tube framework with an impact resistant glitter metallic paint finish.

* Equipped with ball bearing, fully adjustable steering. It also has a steering stop-limit that allows for varying levels of experience.

* Ergonomically correct premium balance bike saddle that is adjustable to rider height.

* Certified non-toxic safety steering wheel handgrips complete with a child’s hand protection device.

* Brake handgrips have an adjustment function that makes it more suitable for children.

* 30.5cm (12 Inch) air filled tyres on high-quality lightweight alloy rims.

* Equipped with a side kick stand.

* This bike comes brand-new, sealed, and 85% assembled. Minimal assembly required (approx. 15 minutes).

* Exclusive European design built for 100% satisfied customers.

* Buy with confidence from a German child’s bike specialist.

We deliver our goods worldwide every workday. Shipping up to the UK Mainland takes 3-5 working-days.

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  • All products meet the highest quality standards and requirements of the EU as well as the USA. Absolutely suitable for children – for sure playfulness.
  • Extra thick 30.5cm (12 inches) pneumatic tires with best suspension on high quality alloy wheels.
  • Specially ergonomically shaped and adjustable in height bike saddle.
  • For children above 3 years
  • With its brands BIKESTAR, STAR-SCOOTER and STAR-SKATEBOARD, the Munich(Germany)-based business now possesses one of the largest ranges of children’s vehicles in all of Europe.

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